Market leader of the Vologda Region

The largest independent supplier of confectionery products in the Vologda region, the official distributor of ZAO ‘Konditerskaya fabrika’, Vologda. The Vologda’s ‘Konditerskaya fabrika’ is called the Pearl of Russia. It is one of the largest sweets producers in the North-West of the country.

Awards and Prizes
Years in business
Natural Products

Tradition and innovation

The assortment of production covers the whole sugar group of confectionery products, and it is about 400 names: marshmallows, marmalades, pastila, caramel, dragee, monpansie, sweets, irises, souvenir chocolate, dietary and diabetic production.

ZAO ‘Konditerskaya fabrika’ uses natural product of the Vologodchina for producing the sweets : cowberries, blueberries, cranberries, rosehips, mountain ash, beetroot, zucchini, carrots and many others. 

Wide assortment

The range of products covers the whole sugar group of confectionery products.

Health care

We offer diet sweets: with vitamin C, laminaria, sugar-free and organically

Useful components

Sweets are made of natural fruits and berries: cowberries, blueberries, cranberries, rosehip.

Responsible approach

We provide a complete control at all stages of production and sales

Guarantee of quality

All products are certified under the system "Nastoyashchiy Vologodskiy Product".

Market recognition

Our company is the award winner of the Star of Quality of Russia "For preservation of traditions of quality".

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